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Flying Colors Crafts

If you've run into me at a craft fair and wanted to see the full collection or ask about other products, this is your place to do that! Crafting helps me keep a creative mind and connect with new people, so if you're interested in any products, let's talk! For now, most products are available only for local drop-off and pick-up, as shipping is tricky with several of my items being fairly breakable. If you're looking for anything specific, please reach out to me and I can work with you to make something custom! If you're looking for T-Shirts, view the full collection of shirts I've designed here.

I accept several payment methods including cash, check, card, or Venmo depending on the delivery method, prices are listed typically with each individual piece, as they are all unique and require different amounts of supplies and energy!


Silk Scarves

These hand-painted scarves start as white blanks, and after stretching and dying and painting, they come out as beautifully unique pieces!

Vinyl Record Clocks

These clocks are made from vinyl records that are usually too scratched to be listened to or have otherwise just sat neglected and could use a second life!


Polymer Clay Earrings

Polymer clay earrings are colorful and lightweight, perfect for making a statement or just adding a pop to your whatever you're wearing for the day.

Lots of Other Things!

There are always other things that I'm experimenting with! Take a look here to see what new thing I've got cooking.

This page is currently under construction, please excuse the appearance!

See the Full Collection
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