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Print and Outreach

I have created print materials for several small businesses and community entities, generally created either in Adobe InDesign or Illustrator. I have also designed flyers, brochures, and business cards to help businesses reach their audience and effectively convey their message. At the bottom of the gallery please see larger scale work displayed for easier viewing.

The Greenfield Community College Fact Book for FY 2021 was the result of a large-scale effort by many members of the GCC community. My role was to design the layout, create graphics, visualize data, and generally compile the information provided to me by these contributors. The layout was created in Microsoft Word to allow for future editing by members of the GCC staff who might not have access to Adobe InDesign. Graphics were created in Adobe Illustrator.


I did not contribute to any written pieces, and the graphics in the appendix section were created by outside agencies for the college. 

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